Sunday, November 25, 2012

Instrument testing and calibration

Setting up the Eclipse ice corer
Weather is nice and warm (at least during the day) with very low wind speeds. This allowed for extensive testing and assembling of the equipment. The drill team (Jean-Louis, Bryn and Morgane) are in the process of assembling the Eclipse corer that will be employed for drilling an ice core at the ice divide of Derwael ice rise.

The radar/GPS team (Kenny, Reinhard and Denis) is then quite happily busy with testing the 5 GPS systems that will be deployed to measure a strain network on Derwael ice rise and several continuous measurements on the Roi Baudouin ice shelf with the purpose of establishing the effect of tides on the ice shelf at different places across so-called shear margins on the ice shelf (weaker zones where ice acceleration is expected). The latter is within the framework of the Be:Wise project.

Nicolas testing the cGPS data at PEA
Finally, the geodetic GPS team (Nicolas and Frank) set up and tested two cGPS systems. The first one to be set at Seal nunatak (near the former Japanese Asuka station), and one one the Derwael ice rise (shown here). Both systems are different in the setup and power. They will run autonomously during several years. The battery box contains 10 batteries (more than 400kg!), which are powered up by both solar panels and wind turbines.



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