Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Imminent departure

Briefing at ALCI headquarters
We had a briefing at ALCI (Antarctic Logistics Company International) this morning regarding the flight to Antarctica. We will leave at 23h30 tonight to arrive early morning at Novo air strip (next to the Russian Novolazarevskaya station). It will be a full flight with 60 people on board from different nations. From Novo, two feeder flight with Basslers (refurbished DC3's) will take us to PEA (Princess Elisabeth Antarctica), one upon arrival, and another one the next day. This means that the IceCon crew will be be split in two and arrive at different days at the station (unless the weather decides differently of course).

The last day in Cape Town means the last day to buy things that seem indispensable, the last time we have a nice meal at the Waterfront with a chilled Chardonnay (and not a drink that has been refrozen several times), the last pool, the last sauna, the last shopping, the last beach visit, the last phone call, the last ...

Well, till down south.


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