Thursday, November 22, 2012

Arrival at PEA

Arrival at PEA, view from the station's window on Utsteinen Nunatak
All went smooth. We departed from Cape Town at 23h30 and arrived at Novo airstrip a bit more than 5 hours later. The Ilusyin aircraft was offloaded in no time and the Bassler loaded for the first feeder flight of two. By 10h30 local time a first group of six people arrived at the Princess Elisabeth Station. The remainder will fly in tomorrow (weather permitting of course).

After a tour of the station's facilities, most people went to work to check instruments, verify the arrived cargo and we started with the preparations of the upcoming field work. As mentioned before, a lot needs to be done and all tasks require quite a lot of logistic support. The first thing to do is to install a GPS station at Seal (a nunatak next to the former Japanese Asuka station). After that we'll head for the coast and do the work on Derwael ice rise (drilling, GPS network) and the work of the Be:Wise project that runs in conjunction with IceCon.

Scientific results of the expedition, of previous expeditions and a more detailed outline of the science plan of the IceCon project will be outlined on the project page and other pages available on this website.


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