Saturday, January 9, 2016

Windy Skidooing

In the morning we had various meetings clarifying the last details about the planned field work on Roi Baudouin Ice Shelf. The IceCon team will part together with Benemelt in a larger team of 8 skidoos. It was hence a timely endeavour to (re-) acquaint ourselves with the insights of skidoo-mechanics and handling. Our field guides Sanne and Guenther led us for a nice ride around the blue ice fields around the windscoop of Utsteinen. Parallel we started unpacking and testing our scientific equipment and we were happy to find most of the things which our colleagues (Frank Pattyn and Brice van Liefferinge) of ULB have left behind last year.

The first containers from the boat unloading have arrived, containing among others a nice tasting beer from a Belgium beer company which is known to fund excellent scientifc research in Antarctica (see Benemelt blog for details). Tomorrow Nicolas Bergeot will leave to maintain the permanent GPS station near Asuka, which is our first scientific target of this season.

Picture taken by Stef Lhermite, Benemelt

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