Saturday, January 9, 2016

Seamless Arrival at Princess Elisabeth Station

The Ilyushin flight took off as planned at 10:00 on a sunny morning in Capetown. About six hours later we arrived at the notouriously windy airfield of Novolazarevskaya Station. In the upcoming days stormy weather is expected for the Dronning Maud Land area, and luckily the BELARE team was able to catch the feeder flight to Princess Elisabeth immediately (while all other groups were transferred to shelters). At about 20:30 local time we were welcomed by the station team waiting for us in the background of the familiar Utsteinen mountain. It is nice to be back and operations at the base are at full swing because the supply vessel has already reached the ice edge two days ago. So far everything is on time and even ahead of schedule. After a long day, we are looking forward to hop into to our (already prepared!) beds and will commence unpacking and field training in the coming days. For now we enjoy the magnificent view of the Sor Rondane mountain range surrounded by ice, ice and again ice. Somehow you never get used to that surrounding.



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