Monday, November 25, 2013

Still people behind in Novo

Nicolas and Alexander, unlaoding the aircraft in Novo

Nicolas and Christophe are still stuck in the Novo air base waiting for their plane, a Basler which is actually waiting for better weather conditions on the PES runway. The meteo in Antarctica is difficult to predict and prone to sudden changes, but according to the last reliable forecast, they should be able to take off on tuesday under a sunny sky.

In the Iliouchine for the flight from Cape town to Novo air base (There is also prince Harry in the right, not a joke)

Waiting for them, the rest of the team is working at the station, maintaining and preparing the experiments. They also try to integrate the daily life. For the locals, the work has been really hard during the last 10 days and yesterday was the first day off since they arrived.

The landscape here is amazing, so hostile and beckoning at the same time. We can hardly imagine that there is about 4000 km of ice between us and the other side of the continent.


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