Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kickoff of IceCon 2013 Expedition

The second expedition of IceCon in Antarctica is now under preparation. This season the scientists will leave Brussels on 16 November 2013 (until Christmas as last year). The IceCon team member is Nicolas Bergeot (ROB). he will be joined in the field by Lionel FAVIER (ULB) and Reinhard Drews (ULB) from the Be:Wise project.

Once in the field, we will install one more permanent GPS system in the southern part of the Sör Rondane Mountains. This GPS system will be used in addition to the three continuous stations already installed from Princess Elisabeth Station (PEA) to the Derwael ice rise. Moreover, we will revisit the stations installed last season on Seal Nunatak (ULX1) and close to the coast on Derwael Ice Rise (ROB1). We hope that everything worked well during the austral winter season. We also plan to reoccupy the GPS strain network and the coffee-can markers on the Derwael ice rise.

New GPS station in test at ROB. This station will be installed in the southern part of the Sör Rondane Mountains this year

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